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Acai Especial TOP GRADE

Acai Especial TOP GRADE


This is the best Acai that you can get - anywhere.  And that is the Sublime Guarantee.

Here's Why.  Our Acai is;

  • RAW, Unpasteurised, Unprocessed.
  • Top Grade.  Especial.  Read below for more.
  • Freshly picked and Flash frozen.
  • Certified Biodynamic at source.
  • Wild Grown.
  • Sustainably Harvested.
  • Picked by locals - Who receive a Fair Wage.

Acai Especial is the Amazon's gift to the world.  Once you've discovered how good it can be, you'll see why Acai is Brazil's favourite fruit.  Acai helps to fuel Brazil's Carnival atmosphere - Everybody from Footballers to Martial Artists, from Surfers to Volleyball players get their energy and passion from Acai.

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Acai Especial Health Information

Please note:

If you are looking for pure acai pulp, you have come to the right place.  There are many websites and companies offering acai in various forms... pills, drinks, weight loss supplements.  When Acai is made, the berries are crushed with mineral water.  This removes the hard inedible stone and results in Acai pulp.  All pills, drinks, powders are made from further processing the acai pulp.  What we have is unique, this is pure acai pulp with no processing.  It is the top grade of acai pulp that is available.  Simply flash frozen.  This is how acai is use all over Brazil.  We simply offer the best acai as close to nature as possible.  Please read our section on acai Grades below for more information.

Great for your health, great for the environment!

People describe the taste of Acai­  as a mix of chocolate and blueberries... but here's the best bit: It's really good for you! Acai has been shown in laboratory analysis to have higher antioxidant levels than Blueberries, Pomegranates or red wine. In addition, it is unique among fruit in that it contains healthy omega oils (6 & 9).

What's more, eating Acai benefits the environment and people of the Amazon! Greenpeace has listed Acai ­ as one of the most important non-timber forest products from the Amazon. By helping provide an income, the indigenous people have an ability to sustain themselves and the rainforest.

Why choose Acai frozen pulp?
The actual fruit is about the size of a large blueberry but mostly consists of a large inedible seed. The edible part is the outer skin and a thin layer of fruit. Soon after the Acai berries are harvested, they are usually mashed to make a pulp. In parts of Brazil, where Acai trees grow, they have this fresh on the day it was picked. In fact, until very recently (1990's), it was only available in the Amazon area. Now frozen Acai pulp can be eaten all over the world - as fresh as you would find in the best juice bars in Rio. By freezing Acai, all of the goodness is locked in - as fresh as the day it was picked.

Acai deteriorates rapidly after harvest, so it must be frozen on the same day it was picked. We ensure that all of our Acai is picked, pulped and frozen on the same day, so you can be guaranteed the same freshness as you would get in the Amazon itself!

Grades of Acai
In Brazil, the ministry of agriculture has laid down standards for Acai pulp. There are 3 established grades. The grade determines how much water has been added to make the pulp. The top grade with the most fruit is known as Especial, the others are known as Medio and Popular. It is Brazilian law that the grade is printed on the pack. If you want the best, make sure it says Especial. Sublime Food will only ever supply Especial grade Acai.

Freeze Dried Acai

Freeze dried Acai is made by taking Acai pulp and extracting all of the moisture under a vacuum. Although Freeze-drying is a very effective way of preserving nutrients, this can never match the experience of eating freshly frozen Acai pulp. Freeze dried Acai can be used to add an energy boost to juices, smoothies, yoghurt, cereals, you name it.

Acai has become popular in Rio de Janeiro and the beaches of southern Brazil where it is consumed cold as Acai na tigela (" Acai in the bowl"), mixed with Guarana, banana and topped with Granola (see our recipe page for details). It is said that the Gracie family mixed Acai with Guarana to use it as part of their training regime. Generations of the Gracie family have become world champion fighters.

As Acai deteriorates rapidly after harvest, its raw material is generally available outside the immediate growing region only as juice or fruit pulp that has been frozen, dried, or freeze-dried. Several companies now manufacture juices, health drinks, yoghurts, and sorbets made from acai berries, often in combination with other fruits.

Acai smoothies

There are many acai smoothies on the market.  Most supermarkets in the UK are selling smoothies/drinks containing a small amount of acai.  While some of these taste good, a quick scan of their ingredients reveals that they contain a minuscule amount of acai pulp.  Many of these make big bold claims about how good acai is, but the drink can contain as little as 2% acai pulp!!!

Some of the more notable acai drinks on the market are Innocent's "superfood" smoothie, which tastes great - but again only contains a small amount of acai.   

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