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Frozen Acai Especial Out of stock!

Frozen Acai Especial Out of stock!


This is the best Acai that you can get - anywhere.  And that is the Sublime Guarantee.

Here's Why.  Our Acai is;

  • RAW, Unpasteurised, Unprocessed.
  • Top Grade.  Especial.  Read below for more.
  • Freshly picked and Flash frozen.
  • Certified Biodynamic at source.
  • Wild Grown.
  • Sustainably Harvested.
  • Picked by locals - Who receive a Fair Wage.

OUT OF STOCK - For now

Sad to report we are out of supply.  We have had a HUGE increase in demand with people wanting to get healthy!

While we are delighted to see people looking after themselves, it has meant that we are - for now OUT OF STOCK.

Hold on - for a while.  We are ordering more now from Brazil.  It will be here in a short while.... It has to come by ship from Brazil.... 

Our acai comes on a HUGE ship across the Atlantic... to keep the "Airmiles" low... and to bring it to you at an affordable price.  So it does take a little while to get here.

We are happy to keep your name on file to notify you when it gets here.... Just drop us an email... to  Preference will be to those who requested to be notified.  

Thanks for your patience.  And your custom.
We have been and will continue to get you THE BEST RAW Unpasteurised Top grade, Premium quality acai - with no additives or preservatives.  Seems we are STILL UNIQUE in providing such a high quality product.

We love you.  And only wish the best for you <3

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