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Organic Camu Camu Berry Extract

Organic Camu Camu Berry Extract



Wonderfully tangy and rich in vitamin C, our Camu Camu extract is spray dried to create a fine pink powder that dissolves easily in water. Before spray drying, the skin and seeds are removed, resulting in a smoother, purer pulp.

Nothing added, nothing taken away. No additives or preservatives. No nasties.

Our Camu Camu powder has a high bioavailability, meaning it easily digested and utilized by your body. Camu Camu berries have the highest levels of natural vitamin C in a plant known to man – an impressive 9% vitamin C by weight – they’re also packed full of other nutrients including amino acids, calcium, and potassium.

Coined ‘the Amazon’s latest super fruit’, we recommend whisking half a teaspoon in your smoothies, shakes or juices for a fruity twist. The sweet, tangy flavour works well with desserts, whether you’re making a palate-cleansing sorbet for your customers or a tropical pudding for your family. 

Not just for smoothies, some research shows Camu Camu extract can fight pigmentation when used in skincare, with the high vitamin C levels helping to fade any spots of sun damage. Your new skincare ingredient? 

Contraindications: None.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and those on gluten and yeast free diets. 


 Found on the banks of Amazonian rivers in Peru and Brazil, this super fruit has been used by rainforest dwellers for many years; the locals commonly believe Camu Camu berries help to prevent illness. 

The high vitamin C level has popularized the use of Camu Camu extract in Western diets, and the increasing demand has provided jobs for communities in Peru and Brazil where the Camu Camu bushes grow in abundance. 

As always, we only work with suppliers who pay their farmers' fair prices and have good working conditions.

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